About Us

By partnering with forward-thinking organizations, we champion the rights of hunters and anglers across Colorado. We believe in providing them with the best expo experience, blending thrilling outdoor activities with education and conservation initiatives. Join us in this exciting journey towards preserving our natural heritage while enjoying the thrill of the hunt and the serenity of fishing.


Thriving Outdoors Together

At The Mile High Hunt & Fish Expo, we are passionate about delivering the ultimate hunting & fishing expo experience, that Colorado deserves. Our vision entails a premium consumer show with an emphasis on conservation and wildlife stewardship.

Our Mission

Our Vision is to provide the Ultimate Hunting and Fishing Expo Experience to the Colorado Front Range. As important as that is to us, we are equally passionate about supporting Conservation and Stewardship of the land.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the ultimate hunting and fishing expo experience to Colorado Ourdoorsmen and women. We are diligently working towards creating an environment with manufacturer innovation, high-opportunity guides and outfitters as well as front line organizations in conservation

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