Show Schedule

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Friday April 5th, 2024

Exhibit Hall Hours

Seminars and Workshop

  • 2:30 The Bugler- Elk Calling with Dirk Durham -MAIN STAGE
  • 3:00 DIY Tanning: Field Care to Finished Hide with Kim Prinzi Kimbro- WORKSHOP
  • 3:30 Hunting Big Mule Deer: Early season through the rut with Robby Denning and Travis Hobbs- MAIN STAGE
  • 4:00 Game Recovery with Dogs by Rocky Mountain Big Game Recovery- – WORKSHOP
  • 4:30 Crazy Hunting Stories with Fred Eichler- MAIN STAGE 6pm-8pm Film Festival

Film Festival

Gladiators Unleashed After Party Presented by Kifaru

Saturday April 6th, 2024

Exhibit Hall Hours

Seminars and Workshops

  • 10:00AM Primitive Fire Making Techniques with Ken Conte- Ancestral Hunting- WORKSHOP
  • 10:30am Bowhunting Turkeys with Danny Farris- MAIN STAGE
  • 11:00AM Finding & Financing The Perfect Piece Of Land with Rural 1st- WORKSHOP
  • 11:30AM Walleye On the Front Range with Austin Parr- Discount Fishing Tackle -MAIN STAGE
  • 12:00PM Advanced Arrow Flight with Bill Vanderheyden-Iron Will Broadheads- WORKSHOP
  • 12:30PM Modern Precision Hunting Fundamentals with Phillip Velayo- Marine Scout Sniper- MAIN STAGE
  • 1:00PM Winning Out West- Mental Focus & Physical Prep with Jace Bauserman- WORK SHOP
  • 1:30PM Gear, Survival and the Hunt with Aron Snyder- MAIN STAGE
  • 2:00PM Finesse Walleye Jigging with Scott Borup -WORKSHOP
  • 2:30PM Selective Hunting with Jason Matzinger- MAIN STAGE
  • 3:00PM Performance Under Pressure: Emulate, don’t imitate with Chris Roe – WORKSHOP
  • 3:30PM Classic Hunts with Cody Robbins-Live 2 Hunt with Cody and Kelsy- MAIN STAGE
  • 4:00PM The Sport Of Falconry by Devin Jaffe- WORKSHOP
  • 4:30PM Q&A Panel with Aaron Snyder, Jason Matzinger & Cody Robbins – MAIN STAGE

Panel Discussion

A Night For Conservation Banquet hosted by Derek Wolfe

Waterfowl Calling Contest Information

Elk Calling Contest Information

Sunday April 7th, 2024

Exhibit Hall Hours

Seminars and Workshops

  • 10am-12:30 NWTF Turkey Calling Contest
  • 11:30 Camdyn Powers – WORKSHOP
  • 12:30 Primitive Fire Making Techniques with Ken Conte Ancestral Hunting- WORKSHOP
  • 1pm- Town Hall with Charles Whitwam from Howl For Wildlife and Dan Gates from CRWM- MAIN STAGE
  • 3pm- Lion Heart Film by Blood Origins- MAIN STAGE

Turkey Calling Competition hosted by NWTF

Town Hall Discussion

Lionheart Film presented by Blood Origins

WTF Turkey Calling Contest

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